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What is the secondary rated load of the voltage transformer

The secondary rated load of the voltage transformer, similar to the transformer, has the load power that the secondary winding allows access, divided into rated capacity and large capacity. A voltage transformer is a voltage conversion device. It converts high voltage to low voltage so that the change of high voltage magnitude can be reflected with low voltage magnitude. Therefore, voltage measurement can be performed directly with ordinary electrical instruments through the voltage transformer.

1. Voltage transformer, also known as instrument transformer, is a voltage conversion device;

2. The capacity of the voltage transformer is very small, usually only tens to hundreds of volts;

3. The voltage on the primary side of the voltage transformer is the grid voltage, which is not affected by the secondary load, and its load is constant in most cases;

4. The secondary side loads are mainly instruments and relay coils, which have a large impedance and pass very little current. If the secondary load is increased indefinitely, the secondary voltage will decrease, resulting in increased measurement errors;

5. Use the voltage transformer to indirectly measure the voltage, which can accurately reflect the value of the high-voltage side and ensure the measurement accuracy;

6. No matter how high the primary voltage of the voltage transformer is, its secondary rated voltage is generally 100V, which makes the manufacturing of measuring instruments and relay voltage coils standardized. Moreover, it ensures the safety of instrument measurement and relay protection work, and also solves the difficulties of insulation and manufacturing process of high-voltage measurement;

7. Voltage transformers are often used in circuits such as power distribution instrument measurement and relay protection.

What is the function of high voltage voltage transformer

High voltage transformer is a transformer suitable for converting large voltage into small voltage or converting large current into small current in 1kv to 220kv power system for measurement, protection and use.

Generally divided into 3kv, 6kv, 10kv, 35kv, 66kv, 110kv, 220kv, and the 24kv system is being tested in Jiangsu. Among them, 10kv and 220kv are widely used. The secondary input is mostly 200V or 100V or 5A or 1A.

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