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Вы можете сосредоточиться на бизнесе. Мы позаботимся обо всем остальном.


Большой пул поставщиков, которые имеют с нами долгосрочные партнерские отношения в различных отраслях;

Команда экспертов по поиску и торговле постоянно находит и исследует новых поставщиков.


Всестороннее сравнение поставщиков;

Договариваться о снижении цен для вас;

Помогать сообщать детали для индивидуальной упаковки и продукта.

Отбор проб и проверка

Отправка образцов после проверки и утверждения;

Заводская оценка и аудит;

Контроль качества во время производства и перед отправкой.


Перемещать товары между фабриками;

При необходимости организовать склад для ваших товаров;

Организовать отгрузки.

Платформа поставщиков Востока -- китайские эксперты по решениям для цепочек поставок

Начать поиск поставщиков

For Buyers

Eastsupplier only sources products from qualified suppliers, manufacturers, and exporters. You can find product information and compare quotes with just a few clicks. We will meet your custom purchase requirements and make the transaction easy.

1. One powerful online platform that lets you connect, quote, buy and save time;

2. Discover high-quality products and request samples or quotes directly from suppliers;

3. Post your sourcing requirements and let the right suppliers find you. Easily find new and trusted suppliers to broaden sourcing channels and become more independent from existing partners;

4. Get multiple quotes for your project.

For Suppliers

Reach a wider range of potential customers by advertising your products. Optimize your marketing and sales approach. Showcase your products to new markets, buyers, and search engines like Google.

1. Generate leads, make offers, and receive payments quickly;

2. Attract international sellers and connect with them directly;

3. Sell to thousands of buyers with a single account;

4. Increase your online visibility and make it easier for buyers to find the right products in your portfolio;

5. Digitise your marketing and sales approach. Display your brand online.

Contribute to EastSupplier Insights

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EastSupplier Insights, the content section of EastSupplier.com, publishes industry content and daily news articles written by our growing network of Experts.

We accept industry perspectives and market insights in the manufacturing, procurement, industrial, and engineering spaces — or in related fields with unique, relevant viewpoints. 

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