Narwal Freo Versatile Self Mop Clean Robot with DirtSense



You are all set. Freo a clean day.
The brand-new versatile cleaning robot
innovated by Narwal.

Spontaneous Cleaning Logic
The latest DirtSense* technology allows Freo to sense "how dirty your room is", and then determine "clean one more time or not" until Freo rinses the ground thoroughly.

Flooring Identification
Human-Oriented. Flooring Management.

Narwal Freo can flexibly adjust the downward force and humidity of the mops depending on floors in various cleaning modes. It helps to prevent damage to floors and also provides a unique clean at the same time.

Smart Swing*
Twist and Swing. Bye Bye Corner Stain.

The Corner-Traps* technology periodically activates "Smart Swing" that deals with the dust in corners and baseboard.

Periodically activate ONCE a week, or you can set up the preference period on Narwal App.

Auto Feed*
Ultra Clean. Scented.

Freo's base station rinses the dirty mops by automatically mixing the scientific ratio of "Narwal’s exclusive formulated floor cleaner" with the water, making the mops as bright and clean as before, retaining a slight lemon and basil scent.

Intelligent Heat Drying
Dual Air Tunnels. Anti-Bacteria. Mop Friendly

40℃ gentle heat can best inhibit the growth of bacteria and protect the fabric of the mopping pads.

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