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The immersion thermostats are primarily designed for application on water filled heating and hot water systems in domestic and commercial premises. The liquid filled temperature probe is designed to be inserted into a well in a heat exchanger or pipework. This ensure highly responsive temperature control. This immersion thermostats with external control dial.

The sensor in the immersion thermostat is intended to maintain the required temperature in a device or its parts. A rise in temperature causes the expansion of liquid within the bulb and capillary. The liquid acts on a diaphragm within the plastic housing to open electrical contacts.
Temperature range 10¡«C...+60¡«C, 30¡«C...+90¡«C,30¡«C...+110¡«C, other temperature range can be customized on request.
Electric rating 16A/250VAC.
Pocket length: 150mm
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