Ultra Low Pressure RO Element


Ultra Low Pressure RO Element is developed for treatment of surface water and underground water. Its operation pressure is about 2/3 of low pressure membrane, and the rejection rate can reach 99.5%.Thus it can reduce the investment cost of related pumps, pipelines, containers and other equipment and the operation cost of RO system, improve economic benefits.


Ultra Low Pressure RO Element normally suitable for treatment of surface water, underground water and municipal water with TDS is less than 2000ppm.It is mainly applied in bottle water, drinking water, boiler replenishment water, food processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries and other fields.



  • Max Operating Pressure: 600 psi(4.14 MPa)
  • Max Inflow Rate: 75 gpm(17 m3 /h)
  • Max Inflow Temperature: 45 ℃
  • Max Inflow SDI15: 5
  • PH Range in Continuous Operation: 3~10
  • PH Range in Chemical Cleaning: 2~12
  • Max pressure drop of a single membrane element: 15 psi(0.1 MPa)

Product Resource: https://www.keya-water.com/product/ultra-low-pressure-ro-element/

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