Tens Electrodes Pads Physiotherapy Accessories Non-woven Fabric Self Adhesive Replacement Patch for Tens Electric Body Massager

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tens replacement pads: Tens electrodes

tens pad adhesive: physiotherapy electrodes 100pcs

tens pad: electrode pads for tens

tens machine: electronic tens stimulator

tens ems: Eletric muscle stimulator

tens electrodes: tens ped

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tens electrode: electrostimulation patches

tens: physiotherapy tens

stickers for tens device: electrostimulator pads

self adhesive replacement patch: electric replacement patch

self adhesive physiotherapy electrode: electrode

professional physiotherapy tens: tens unit

professional muscle stimulator: Electrostimulator

professional muscle electrostimulator: muscle stimulation electrodes

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non-woven fabric replacement patch: fabric self adhesive replacement patch

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muscle stimulation electrodes: electrodes for electrostimulator

muscle massage: massage tool

muscle electrostimulator patches: Self-adhesive electrode

massager for body: electrostimulator electrode

massage tools body: body electric massager

massage pad: physiotherapy accessories

massage device: relaxing massage

health: Health & beauty

fabric self adhesive patch: tens electrode pads

ems massage: Foot massage

electronic acupuncture: pain relief

electroestimulador: electric muscle stimulator

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electrodes: electrodes

electrodes: Tens electrodes

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electro muscle therapy: muscle anabolished

electric massager for muscle pains: full body massage

compex muscle stimulator: myostimulator for muscle

body massager: ems

acupuncture: physical therapy and rehabilitation

Tens electrodes: tens 7000

Physiotherapy massager: beauty health

Origin: Mainland China

Muscle stimulator electrodes: ems muscle stimulator

Muscle electrostimulator: ems muscle stimulation

Microcurrents: relax

Meridian massage tool: Massage instrument

Material: Non-woven Fabric

Massage apparatus: massage equipment

High frequency massager: electric massage device

Electrical muscle stimulator: Muscle stimulator

Electric massage: Low frequency massager

Brand Name: SUOLAER

Application: BODY

100PCS EMS Electrode Pads Nerve Muscle Stimulator Silicone Gel Tens Electrodes Digital Acupuncture Physiotherapy TENS Pads 5*5cm 4*4cm

Suitable for various medium frequency electronic physiotherapy machine. Help to improve blood circulation, promote metabolism and eliminate fatigue. Self adhesive, high adhesive, convenient to use and reusable. Useful and safe accessory for medical care.
1. Non-woven Fabric electrode Pads
2. Self Adhesive, Re-usable, Long Life
3. Bio-compatible, Dry out Resisting
4. Lower Impedance, More uniform current distribution,
5. No hot spots, more stimulation comfort.
6. Durable construction: can even pull out from the lead wire without damage.
7. unlike others, not plastic
8. Specially designed holes, on each pad, to release the generated heat and give more comfort and less irritation.
9. Specially selected size 4 x 4 /5 x5 cm , Larger pads had no additional benefits, just more heating/irritation of the skin

Cleanse your skin before using electrode pads for better results.
The number of electrode pads used The number of times the electrode is used depends on the cleanliness and oilyness of the human skin, so it is best to wash the skin with soap before use (alcohol is equally acceptable). By cleaning the skin, you can achieve better results and improve the frequency of use of the electrode. Electrode pads life After each use, put the electrode back to the original packaging bag, placed in the shade. If the electrode is dry a little, use a few drops of water to wet it. This will increase the life of the electrode.

Material: Non-woven
Size: 4*4/5*5cm

Note: 1 package has 2 patches, that is, 1 package = 2pcs.


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