Smart Cool & Hot Dual Model RO Water Dispenser

  1. Instant drinking, quick heating in a very short time
  2. No installation required, simple operation and maintenance
  3. Small size, applied for diverse application sites
  4. Super mute design. Reducing noise pollution
  5. Multi-gear temperature control. Ambient, hot and cooling water are available
  6. AI smart control, monitoring water quality at a glance
  7. Four-stage/Five Stage filtration PP+ sintered activated carbon (composite filter cartridge) + reverse osmosis membrane + post-carbon fiber come with crystal clear water
  8. Food grade PP Storage tank
  9. Smart Water shortage warning by the visible panel, high efficiency and saving energy


New Filtration RO water dispenser has two models (NFT ZY041 & NFT ZY051) to cover the whole house or small office clean hot & cool water demand. The countertop RO water dispenser has its water tank, which can make water 24 hours a day,

provide instant water for daily tea, coffee, medicine, cooking at home and office.

Our Counter Top water dispensers are easy to install and replace, as they are required no permanent soft pipes and switches, easy moving, and convenient to install in any tap water sites and use filters that are simple to change. Additionally, each unit comes with its own set of detailed, guided instructions along with technical parameters, or ask an inquiry with New Filtration today!

Our Purpose: open water can drink, from the source to protect the health of the family drinking water, safe to drink.

Large water storage, fast outflow, no need to wait;

Small and delicate, do not take up space, convenient installation, save more storage space


  • Counter Top in Living Room, Kitchen
  • Office
  • Ideal for anyone who concerned about instant drinking water quality
Inlet Water Municipal Tap Water Anti-electric shock grade Class I
Applicable Water Pressure 0 Rated Filter Flow Rate ≥130ml/min
Operating pressure 0.4~07Mpa Rated Total Flow Rate 2000L
Applicable Temp 4~38°C Dimensions 423*183*388mm
Ambient 5~40°C Operating Volume ≤50dB(A)
Applicable relatively Humidity 25°C,≤90% Desalination Rate ≥95%
Rated Voltage 220V Pump Type 50G self-priming
Rated Power 2200W Feedwater Tank Volume 5L
Temperature 24L/h(≥90°C) Filtered Water Volume 1.25L
Temperature type Ambient、milk、coffee、tea Filter system (40um SUS mesh) + PP+sintered carbon

+50G RO+post carbon

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