Purifier WS-C10



Baby's first purifier

The 50° inclined plane design of the air outlet design effectively guarantees that every mouth of the air that children breathe is fresh. Not all purifiers are suitable for babies.


The PM2.5 sensor will effectively monitor the air quality and indicate the colour change of the LED light.

The blue light indicates that the current air quality is the best, the green light indicates that the current air quality is good, the yellow light indicates that the current air quality is normal, and the red light indicates that the current air quality is poor.


Baby’s First Purifier

The 360° three-dimensional circulation purification, and the 50° inclined air outlet, effectively ensure that every breath of the air is fresh for the children.

It can be equipped with a baby carriage air purifier frame, which filters fresh air all the time when taking the baby out, so parents can feel more at ease.

Baby’s First Purifier

Purify Anytime, Anywhere

The purifier is 228mm high and 75mm in diameter. It is the size of a vacuum flask and is easy to carry, allowing you to get rid of the restriction of location and breathe fresh air anytime and anywhere.

Purify Anytime, Anywhere

Multi-Layer Filter

HEPA 13 filter screen removes PM2.5 with 99.97% removal efficiency; activated carbon filter layer effectively filters formaldehyde, toluene, etc.; large particle filter layer effectively filters pollen, dust and other large particles; odour filter layer activated carbon effectively filters odours.

Multi-Layer Filter

Technical Parameters Comparison

Description Purifier WS-C10
Model no WS-C10
Voltage 3.7V
Battery capacity 2000mAh
Sensor PM2.5
Motor power 6-8W
Vacuum 2.2kpa
Working time 4Hour
Operating mode Automatic gear/Silent gear/Mid gear/High gear/Accelerated gear
Filter Three-layer filtration (primary filter + HEPA filter + activated carbon)
Package 75*228mm
Certificate /
Product Weight 550g

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