Purifier WS-C01



Voice prompt operation easy to get started

New sound cavity design, intelligent upgrade of the voice system. The prompt sound effect is richer, and the user experience is more comfortable.

Enough space for air
360°all absorbed in
Make fresh air for you within 5 min

Enough space for air

Splendid Purifying Efficiency

Perfect fit in car cupholder, refreshing “New car” smell and other irritant odours;
Every 15 minutes would filter all the air in the car.

Splendid Purifying Efficiency

HEPA13 filter
Remove 99.97 of PM2.5
ultrafine dust with a HEPA filter

HEPA13 filter

Enjoy breathable purified air
No matter where you are

WS-C01 help to clean the air and reduce the dirt in the air
Enjoy a cleaned-up breathing space all around it.

Enjoy breathable purified air No matter where you are

Technical Parameters Comparison

Model WS-C08 WS-C08 WS-C08
Working Mode Auto/Medium/strong/Turbo/Silent Auto/Medium/strong/Turbo/Silent Auto/Medium/strong/Turbo/Silent
LED Light Blue, Green, Orange, Red Blue, Green, Orange, Red Blue,Green,Orange,Red
Filter Pre-filter +HEPA13 filter+Actived carbon Pre-filter +HEPA13 filter+Actived carbon Pre-filter +HEPA13 filter+Actived carbon
Air outlet 20m³/h 20m³/h 20m³/h
CARD 18.0m³/h 18.0m³/h 18.0m³/h
Noise 25~45db 25~45db 25~45db
Cable Type C,L=1000mm Type C,L=1000mm Type C,L=1000mm
Input 5V,2A 5V,2A 5V,2A
Power 6-8W 6-8W 6-8W
Battery 3.7V,2000mAh,Polymer 3.7V,2000mAh,Polymer 3.7V,2000mAh,Polymer
Charging time 1.5-2.0H 1.5-2.0H 1.5-2.0H
Working time >4H >4H >4H
Material ABS ABS ABS
Control Method Touch screen Touch screen Touch screen
Motor Speed 8000RPM 8000RPM 8000RPM

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