1.Equipment composition :
Electrical cabinet、1 set flat non-woven feeding&cutting machine、 1 set mask delivery part 、2 sets ear loop welding equipment、Operation system and control system;
2. Equipment function characteristics


●Control system: PLC control system; The mask body automatically transmitted to ear welding equipment, maximum limit artificial cost and with higher production capacity.
●Operation system: Touch screen show Chinese and English two kinds language, rich with help function and fault display function ;
●Send label system:Japan Panasonic servo control system, stable with high speed;
●Clean and hygienic : The equipment goes from raw material to finished product output,automatic operation, reduce human touch masks in the production process, meet the industry testing standards;
●Once non woven raw material in unwinding part use up , machine stop automatically .
3. Working process
Worker feeder the non-woven→ ear loop automatic feeding→ Ultrasonic Ear loop Welding→ now-woven side part feeding and hemming→Ultrasonic non-woven side part welding→ non-woven side cutting→ mask delivery out → count → Mask Stacked → conveyor collect and delivery out ;

4.Machine 3D view
5. The Technical Parameter

Driving Mode Servo motor
Operation method HMI control system
Mask size 175mmx95mm
Yield(pcs/min) 90-110 pcs/min (stable speed)
Suit for mask type 3 or 4-layer flat mask, Disposable mask
Applicable materials pp non-woven composite fiber
Layers of cloth 3 or 4 layers
Composite approach Ultrasonic welding
Demand pressure 0.6Mpa
Voltage (can customized) 110V/220V/380V
Air source 0.5-0.8MPa, flow rate is about 350L / min


Operating environment

Temperature 10 ~ 35 ℃,


Humidity 5 ~ 35% HR, non-flammable,

No Corrosive gas, No dust

(cleanliness no less than 100,000)

Power(Kw) 12KW
Weight(kg) 1300
Machine size 6200*3500*2000mm


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