Plastic Piezo switch


What is Plastic piezo switch?

Plastic piezo switch offers rugged, sealed tamper and vandal proof solid state switching. It has exceptional durability and reliability. Also, it is fitted with red, green and blue LED’s for illumination.


Plastic piezo switch can be used underwater, diving equipment is more suitable. Its pressing surface is designed, wearing gloves will not affect the use, in polar or harsh environment, unimpeded.

Plastic piezo switch is a self generating sensor composed of piezoelectric elements. Plastic piezo element is deformed by the external force in a certain direction, and the phenomenon of charge polarization is generated inside.

Plastic piezo switches require almost negligible physical movement, usually between 1 μ m and 10 μ m, to generate a usable switching voltage or charge. It is the simple application of external force rather than physical movement that produces the output of the switching element. The transducer makes use of the inverse piezoelectric effect of piezoelectric ceramics in transmitting, and the positive piezoelectric effect in receiving. Then, to make this kind of transducer work and use normally.

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  • 25mm diameter actuator
  • 22.2mm diameter mounting hole
  • Normally open, momentary action
  • Make impulse time of 125-300 msec
  • Recessed face
  • Wi re termination
  • IP68 Sealed
  • Available in 12V and 24V LED’s
Operating voltage: 1-24V AC/DC
Switching current 0.2A (Standard) / 1A
Actuation force 3-5N
Operating temperature -20°C to +70°C
LED operating voltage 12V DC max OR 24V DC max
LED max current consumption: 12V 24V
Red 18mA 18mA
Green 9mA 9mA
Blue 27mA 16mA
Ingress Protection IP68
Life time 50 million operations
Material POM.


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