NFT WPD-1/3 Counter Top Stainless Steel Water Purifier

  1. Easier installation & uninstall, fitting with most kitchen and portable
  2. Non-disposable, long service lifetime
  3. Operation & Maintenance cost inexpensive and easy
  4. High Flow rate without any pressure bucket
  5. Small Footprint and instant clean water, no need waiting


Counter Top Water Purifiers are available in stage from one to four stages with various filter elements for diverse outlet water quality. Counter Top Water Filters are made of 100% food-grade 304/316L stainless steel without any toxic substance precipitation and also higher hardness. Comparing with traditional plastic material, ideally adapt to a wide variety of applications both indoor & outdoor including Home, Hospital, lab, office, municipal facilities, and so on. Easy Installation and Uninstall makes it convenient and longer service life. The inside filter element could be in the option of PP/CTO/UF/GAC/Ceramic/Composite filter element, all material invalid time depends on your local water quality.

New Filtration offers SUS Counter Top Water Purifier in Single & three stages for common application demands, while two & four stages are available to choose. They are to replace from Doulton and other stainless steel housing

Additional information

Dimensions 54 × 36 × 44 cm
Clean Type   One, Three



Color Primary/Polish
Material Stainless Steel 304/Stainless Steel 316L
Water Temperature (℃) Ambient
Connection Port Size 1/4 inch thread
Dimension (Filter Element size) 10 inch
Filtering Principle Microfiltration
Flow Rate(L/Hr) 150
Filter Cartartridge Element Qty (pcs) 1pc/3pcs
Inlet Water Municipal tap water
Installation Type Kitchen Counter Top
Hydraulic Range (Mpa) 0.2-0.4
Outlet Water Use domestic water
Electricity Power(W) No
Pressure Bucket No
Service Time Depending on the local Tap Water quality
Membrane Specification Ultra Filter


Domestic, Home Tap Water
Municipal Tap Water


Carton packing,

Single Stage: 54*44*36cm*12sets

Three Stage:  61*41*36*4sets


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