NFT SMD-TQ003 Double Scraping Covered Prefilter

  1. M & F double thread design, adapt to various pipes (Metal & PPR)
  2. Transparent body with Colors PP cases covered, Dust and scratch proof
  3. Rotatable Head & Horizontal Head are available to different pipelines
  4. Long service lifetime and protection function
  5. National standard 59 Brass, hot extrusion process, Isolation toxic lead
  6. Explosion-proof filter housing, temperature resistance up to -30℃
  7. Upgraded PA material Housing and Food Grade 316L Stainless Steel mesh
  8. High strength body, Water hammer testing more than 100000 times
  9. Non-Disposable PTFE gaskets ensure tightness
  10. Quick connection type drainage port with anti-splash cover


The central water Pre-filter is mainly used to ‘capture’ the particulate impurities, sediment, rust, floating particles, and other big size pollutants in the water. It is like a ‘primary wall’ to protect your house appliances and plays a positive role in protecting & extending the terminal water production equipment service lifetime, such as downstream pipes, water purifiers, water heaters,wall-mounted furnaces, washing machines, bathroom showers and so on. The prefilter is flushable and reusable.

NFT-SMD TQ003W/Y/G is our upgraded & customized Double Scraping product in Brass head design. As an upgraded type, the new generation SMD series also the same with other types of Pre-filter, simply to be installed and indicates when the mesh filter needs cleaning through the housing body. However, not only the sturdy plastic scraping frame clings to the stainless steel mesh and can effectively scrape off impurities by gently twisting, but also silicone scraping strip makes the clean process much more efficient. Some types with different configurations of pressure gauge, pressure control valve, and rotatable head which can effectively adapt to various filtration requirements.

The protection cover (color, position, logo, etc) and configurations can be modified to meet your needs.

Additional information

Outlet Water Temperature (℃) Ambient
Recovery/wastewater ratio (%) 0
Filtering Principle Microfiltration
Rated Flow Rate(L/Hr) 3000
Filter Cartridge Element Qty (pcs) No Filter Element.
Inlet Water Municipal tap water
Installation Type Whole House Central type
Hydraulic Range (Mpa) 0.1-0.5
Outlet Water Use domestic water
Operating Temperature range (℃). 4-40
Pressure Bucket No
Membrane Specification No Membrane


Domestic, Home Tap Water, Appliances

Commercial, Office, School, Community, Factory, Hospital,etc…


Packing List

Prefilter * 1
Installation Instructions * 1
Install Fittings: 1”  to 3/4” Loose Joint Thread *2
Spanner * 1
Sealing O-ring *1
Thread Gasket * 3
Hanging Bracket * 1
Screw for Bracket* 2
Drain Port Pipe & Adapter * 1

Packing Mode Standard: Single Paper Box * 1 set, Carton packing


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