Multi-Sport Pitches with High Performance

Often, demand is such that an artificial turf field has to cope with more than one sport. When this happens, some sports fit together well; such as football and rugby, or hockey and tennis. Occasionally, sports are paired together where compromise is needed.

In this instance, CCGrass’s experience creating artificial turf for a number of sports allows us to provide high-performing products for multi-purpose use, such as 11-a-side and 7-a-side football field, football and hockey field and football and rugby field. CCGrass can give you the right advice in ensuring you choose the most suitable artificial sports turf surface and system for your needs.

When Compromise is Needed

CCGrass believes multi-purpose fields should never sacrifice performance quality. Our Football and Hockey system meets both FIFA Quality Pro Standard and FIH National Standard, and our Football and Rugby system has passed both the FIFA Laboratory Test and the IRB Laboratory Test. Other sports, such as tennis, athletics, netball, lacrosse, recreational bowls, basic cricket, and even archery, can be accommodated on a CCGrass artificial sports turf pitch. Over the years, CCGrass multi-purpose systems have been used by a large number of universities, communities and amateur clubs, for they maximize function and minimize cost.


Designed for Your Needs

CCGrass’s professional experience in creating artificial sports turf solutions for multi-sport purposes allow us to provide our customers with high-performing synthetic turf products for multi-purpose use. By adding extra play lines, a multi-sport pitch can cater for several different sports.
Due to the complexity of multi-purpose artificial turf fields, CCGrass is responsible for the time-consuming design process and provides guidance that guarantees easy installation and strong playability.

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