MP853A Micro Gas Generator


Warm Reminder:?Inflators belong to UN0323 Hazardous 1.4S, we will not ship by air or sea freight , only support to local delivery.

Seat belt inflator?is also known as micro gas generator (MGG), which is a gas-generating device used for a mechanism in which the seatbelt is tightened in the case of a motor vehicle collision. When the seatbelt is tightened, the body of the occupant is affixed in the correct position and is aligned with the airbag. This enhances the effectiveness of the airbag, thereby ensuring the safety of the passenger.
Model: MP853A
Item Name: #3a seatbelt inflator
Bridge resistance£º 2.0¦¸¡À0.3¦¸
Insulation resistance£º DC500V£¬¡Ý1M¦¸
Fire Current: 1.2A¡Á2ms
No Firing current£º 0.4A¡Á10s
Type I Green FCI Co. 4 900 13 01
Type ¢ò Black TYCO/AMP Co. 1473369-1
Type ¢ó Blue AMPHENOL Co. C252 12B002 242
12.5ml Closed bomb test
Keeping Seatbelt inflator respectively at -35 ¡æ, +23 ¡æ, +85 ¡æ temperature for not less than 2h, and in a special volume of 12.5ml sealed device, through a direct current of 1.2A to perform P-t curve test, the ignition time is less than 3ms, the peak time is 4ms-10ms, peak pressure is 30MPa ~ 50MPa.c2
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