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We built a professional team in 2018, and founded a brand of Hotdive. We are focused on researching and developing products with superior performance, making the sport more professional and more widely known. Excellent product performance and good appearance design is our development concept throughout our product. Thank you for your support of Hotdive.


Portable underwater respirator kit

High Pressure Air Storage Tank

High Pressure Air Storage Tank

Colors: orange / black / green
Charge pressure: 20MPA
Diving accessories: high pressure air storage tank / high pressure hand pump / portable bag / package case
adaptor / inflator (feel free to match the kit)


Product Parameters

Size: 0.5L

Weight: 850G

Air capacity: 3.0 CUFT / 85 LITERS

Length: 13.4” / 34CM

Diameter: 2.25” LB. / 5.71CM 

Maximum pressure: 3000PSI / 200BAR / 20MPA

Total weight: 1.8KG  (FULL PACKAGE)

Surface respiration times: about 30 times (2.5L per breath)

High Pressure Air Storage Tank Parameter



Breathing on the water surface for approximately 57 mouthwatering while adults breathing underwater up to about 21 times, if you use it underwater 7 meters, it can last up to 6 minutes.

The product contains an inflatable head, directly inflate into standard submersible cylinders, it can be also fixed to the BCD. The product is the indepedent respiration system and easy to carry.








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