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CCGrass produces a high quality texturised polyethylene yarn in house, ensuring exacting controls are in place during production. This allows every roll to arrive, on site, in perfect condition, ready for installation.

Whether a fully synthetic field that requires water or a sand dressed field that uses a sand dressing for player performance and comfort, a CCGrass artificial hockey turf field, when appropriately laid, will meet the appropriate FIH (International Hockey Federation) standards.

Quality Where it Matters

For hockey players, the speed and smoothness of the ball across the artificial hockey turf surface is the most important element to ensure a great game. CCGrass FastPro hockey fields have more fibre per square metre than comparable products, and have been fully tested with hockey specific shock pad systems. This leads to greater stick control, improved foot/surface interaction and a faster game.

Flexible Approach to Making the Game Special

At CCGrass, we recognize that hockey clubs, schools and universities want choice, which is why our surfaces are available in a variety of color combinations. We happen to believe that a solid color for the artificial hockey turf pitch and surround ensures a better playing experience. Thanks to our own color batching process, we can adapt to client’s individual requests.

Similarly, our artificial hockey turf surfaces can be used for other sports such as tennis, netball and recreational football, without affecting hockey performance. In this case, simply add lines to the field.

South Africa

High Performance Artificial Turf
for Hockey

The FIH (International Hockey Federation) divides hockey fields into Global Elite Level, Global Level, National Level and Multi Level. CCGrass offers systems for all the levels to suit different playing applications from international matches to junior training. As a FIH Preferred Supplier, CCGrass hockey systems meet all FIH standards, including but not limited to Ball Roll, Ball Rebound and Impact Response. CCGrass global level system is certified for top-level professional hockey games, such as the Olympic Games and the World Cup.

FastPro HF Series

Product Features

  • 100% PE curly monofilament
  • Player friendly with unsurpassed comfort
  • Extreme UV stability and durability
  • Optimum ball/surface interaction
  • Dense stitch for compact appearance
  • Smooth surface for great playability
  • Aesthetic color innovation




Ball Rebound 100mm-400mm 100mm-425mm
Ball Roll ≥10m ≥9m
Ball Roll Deviation 9.5±0.01m 8.5±0.01m
Shock Absorption 45%-60% 40%-65%
Vertical Deformation 4mm-9mm 4mm-9mm
Shoe/surface Friction 25Nm-45Nm 25Nm-45Nm

FastPro HF 13mm

FIH Global Certified Water & water-reduced based

FastPro HF 18mm

FIH National Certified Sand-dressed
ccgrass high performance hockey artificial grass field Hockey-testimonial

On the laying of Green HF, the meeting of seams of the grass rolls has been impeccably carried out. And I find that the leveling of the well bedded in Green HF rolls also provide an immaculate flat playing surface that players relish the opportunity to play on the artificial turf fields.

Ricky Hammond
Head Coach of Battersea Lions Club

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