High quality wax canvas apron pockets & back cross straps with sturdy work apron for men & Women(brown)

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In the high star house production process, our workers have strict disinfection control measures, our apron is before the shipment, the apron, the packaging bag are all disinfused effectively, and everyone is safe to buy and use. Br >

High star house is a high quality flax apron provider that gives you a special nano sponge for each apron. Br >

Thank you for your purchase. Enjoy your life B > < br >

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Why popular?

Made of good quality leather, it is resistant to wear, damage, and is durable and durable. Br >

Heat resistant and flame resistant, and can be protected from danger such as fireworks during welding or metal construction. Br >

It has three convenient pockets, and can store small pieces such as hamami and pencil. Br >

The length of the strap is adjustable according to the shape of the body, and is useless. Br >

Made by American made Kevlar thread, it is difficult to tear and tear up. Br >

In addition to welding, it is suitable for use in kitchen and gardening such as home, kindergarten and school, painting and ceramic art. Br >

It is not only able to be used as a apron, but also a great apron for women. < br >

Elegant wax canvas material

Professional and amateur woodworking, this is for you! Br >

Are you an experienced carpenter? Is woodworking hobby? Br >

Does the DIY project need a shop apron? Br >

If you answer yes to any of the above questions, you mean you are looking for a pro shop apron. Finally greet the necessary apron! Br >

This high-end apron with chest pockets is designed for the best of your needs and is stylish, ergonomic, and frequently used essentials for countless purposes! Innovative design with large chest pockets

Increased the chest pocket to 6.7 inches x 6.7 inches to accommodate pencil, driver, and phone. Br >

Durable double stitches, sturdy brass grommets, rivets long and thick apron long. Br >

We make the apron of the shop with a 16 Ounce wax canvas

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