Five Stage Under Sink RO Water Purifier with Metal Stand Frame

  1. Simple and Flexible installation
  2. Food grade 3.0G storage tank is available, other sizes are free to go together
  3. Operation & Maintenance cost inexpensive and easy
  4. High Flow rate without any pressure bucket
  5. Small Footprint and instant clean water, no need waiting
  6. Along with standard faucet in brushed nickel finish. Different finishing is available as an upgrade option.
  7. OEM is available for your own business.
  8. Easy Filter element replacement with lock type filter element
  9. Water meter makes you control water output immediately


Under Sink Water Purifier becomes more and more popular in many countries due to a huge healthy lifestyle trendy, which drives people drinking filtered, purified water at any time. Reverse Osmosis makes it happen for every single water.No matter where you are, new filtration dedicates to supply great under sink water purifier to filter the chlorine, hardness, heavy metals, and sands, toxins, and many other dissolved water impurities by reverse osmosis technology.

Effectively filtered 99% of pollutants & harmful substances in your tap water.

1st & 2nd & 3rd & 4th stage: PP 5um +GAC +PP 1um + RO membrane filter,5 μm and 1um PP sediment and high-precision activated carbon granules made from natural coconut shell, qualified RO membrane to remove rust, dirt, sand, silt, dust, scale and odor, heavy metals, chemicals, TDS, limescale, etc. The tap water had gone through 4 stages of filtration before drinking.

5th  Stage: Post Activated Carbon Filter, further improve the water taste, provide you crisp and sweet healthy drinking water.

New Filtration provides this water filtration system with a metal frame, which makes it stayed any place under your counter without hurting walls construction, comparing traditional water purifiers, moveable leads a flexible installation solution, saving kitchen space in some way. Besides, the same with “no stand” under the counter system, applying an under sink RO filtration system makes you instantly and constantly enjoy clean water straight from the tap without waiting, it makes all bacteria and viruses removed from the very beginning.

New Filtration provides under sink RO water purifier flow rate range from 75/400/600G with stable water yield, model, and water yield could be customized for every unique water use situation. From residential home to school, from a small office to a factory canteen, you are welcome to source a fine model for your water demands.

Technical Parameter

Color White
Material ABS,PP,activated carbon,metal
Water Temperature (℃) Ambient
Rated Power 28W~75W
Applicable Power AC 220V 50Hz
Dimension 445*260*500mm
Filtering Principle Reverse Osmosis
Flow Rate(G) 75/400/600 on membrane flow rate basis
Filter Cartartridge Element Qty (pcs) 5pcs (PP 5um + GAC + PP 1um + RO +post activated carbon)
Applied Water Municipal tap water
Installation Type Under-Sink
Hydraulic Range (Mpa) 0.1-0.35



  • Under-counter in kitchens or bathrooms
  • Office
  • Gym, Coffee Shop, Small Restaurant
  • Vacation homes, Apartment, Cabin, RVs
  • Ideal for anyone who concerned about drinking water quality

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