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Material: the main part is made of high quality zinc alloy Thread specifications: G, Metric, PG, NPT Product size: 3/8"-4" Treatment process: Zinc die casting, stainless steel, brass (surface galvanized, chrome, nickel plated) Color: Metallic (silver white) Application: one end of outer tooth connection box or inner tooth fitting, one end of metal hose connection
CAT # Flexible conduit Thin Steel Thread Metric Thread German Units
Metric SIZE
DPJ-12 ¦µ12£¨13£© 3/8" C19 M20¡Á1.5 PG11/PG13.5
DPJ-15 ¦µ15£¨16£© 1/2" C19 M20¡Á1.5/M24¡Á1.5 PG13.5/PG16
DPJ-20 ¦µ20£¨19£© 3/4" C25 M27¡Á2/M30¡Á2 PG21
DPJ-25 ¦µ25 1" C31 M33¡Á2/M36¡Á2 PG29
DPJ-32 ¦µ32 1-1/4" C39 M42¡Á2/M48¡Á2 PG29
DPJ-38 ¦µ38£¨40£© 1-1/2" C51 M48¡Á2/M60¡Á2 PG36/PG42
DPJ-50 ¦µ51£¨50£© 2" C63 M60¡Á2/M72¡Á2 PG48
DPJ-64 ¦µ64£¨70£© 2-1/2" C75 M76¡Á2
DPJ-75 ¦µ75£¨80£© 3" M88¡Á2
DPJ-100 ¦µ100 4" M114¡Á2

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