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  • Size-Quantity-Thickness:12"x12"gray-green,gray- yellow,gray-blue each 2Pack. 12"×24"gray- yellow 2pack.600GSM.
  • Quick Dry-Highly Absorbant- Super soft.The thickness of 600GSM makes it feel very good, super soft and comfortable.Microscopic fibers in allow car drying towels to absorb upto 10 times their weight in liquid.
  • Exquisite wrap edge,Two-color, No streaks, 100 percentage lint free.480,000 strands in every square inch of highly refined loop woven microfiber.
  • Machine washable-Non-fading:The car wash towels can be reused and washed hundreds of times without losing its absorbency and softness, and it will not fade.
  • Best temperature to wash the towel is 55 degree Celsius
  • Product Name:Advanced  Microfiber Cleaning Cloths
  • Characteristics:
  • Extra Thick.80% Polyester 20% Polyamide.Two-color design& 600Gsm. Nearly 3 x thicker and absorbent than those thin regular cloths.
  • Soft & Lint Free.With both pickup power of microfiber and softness of velour, these super plush microfiber will not scratch paints, coats or other surfaces.
  • 12 x 12inches   2Pack
  • 12x 24 inches   2Pack
  • Instructions for use:
  • Soak for 5 minutes per week with warm water (less than 65 ° C), and wash it slightly to prolong the service life.
  • If it is difficult to wash stains, please wash it with alkaline cleaner to restore water absorption and decontamination ability.
  • It is recommended to use after moisturizing, the wiping and cleaning effect is better.
  • Different colors enable you to color code for different cleaning tasks, convenient and hygienic.

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