Automatic PVC TPR Shoe Injection Moulding Machine, SLM-6-02

Designed to use PVC/TPR material to produce top-class leather shoes, leisure shoes, sports shoes, canvas and other shoes with upper.


  1. PLC control, complete hydraulic drive.
  2. High plasticizing capacity, the plasticizing temperature can be controlled automatically by pre-selection.
  3. It adopts 20 points measuring and the injection volume can be chosen according to the requirements of the moulds at each working position.
  4. The function of empty mould selection has been provided.
Automatic PVC TPR Shoe Injection Moulding Machine SLM-6-02
Mould Number 16-24
Productivity 250-450 pairs/hour
Screw Dia. 70-75 mm
Screw Speed 140 rpm
Injection Cap.(max) 520 cm³
Injection Speed 12 cm/sec
Injection Stroke 180 mm
Injection Pressure 50 kg/cm²
Hydraulic Pressure 80 kg/cm²
Total Power 25 kw
Injection Head Dimensions 2800*1600*1280 mm
Rotary Disk Dimensions 16 station: 2400*2400*1700 mm
20 station: 3000*3000*1700 mm
Weight 16 station: 5000 kg
20 station:7000 kg

NOTE: The product specification&model is subject to actual contract or quotation if any update.

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