AUTOMATIC FASTENER RIVETING machine (for shoelace hook)

It is designed for shoelace hook fastening on fashion women shoes, safety shoes, hiking shoes, sport shoes and casual shoes etc.


  1. The automatic electronic sensing whole-set controller of international advanced technology is adopted.
  2. The system controls the operation process of button fastening carried out by the main motor, which will automatically stops when the operation is stopped.
  3. The electronic sensor is adopted to control the automatic feeding of buckles, which will stop automatically until the feeding is completed.
  4. It is provided with finger safety protection device, which makes the operation safe.
  5. The fastening position of materials is provided with laser bright spot contrast localization, which is accurate and convenient.
  6. High production efficiency with buckle fastening of 2500 times per hour.
Dimension 950*680*1500mm
Power 370w
Motor rotation speed 900Rpm
Material thickness 4mm
Production Efficiency 2500times/hour
Weight 182Kg
Voltage 380v/50Hz

NOTE: The product specification&model is subject to actual contract or quotation if any update.

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