Automatic Cement Toe Lasting Machine, SLM-3-03

Automatic Cement Toe Lasting Machine is 9-pincers fully hydraulic thermo-cementing, it can be selected different middle pincers, squeezer and sweep blade to finish the uppers according to the sharp of shoes.


  1. The machine is 9-pincers fully hydraulic thermo-cementing, it can be selected different middle pincers, squeezer and sweep blade.
  2. There is a right-and-left structure of squeezer for this machine, We add a middle structure of squeezer to ensure uppers more evenly and closely attached to lasts after lasting. No protrusion will happen so the surface becomes more beautiful and the quality is upgraded.
  3. The sweep blade have different sharps and functioned with inching movement and speed adjustment , which makes the whole adjustment of lasting control more convenient.
  4. Each set of pincers can be adjusted to cope with the lasting of any shape of shoe toes. If it is necessary, after the upper being firmly clamped, the operator can manually let any set of pincers down pull or re clamp the upper to have the best tension and attachment to the last.
  5. Tap the down manual switch of the support plate, lift the plate, change the pincers and take off the screw easily.
  6. The interior and exterior support, heel seat speed can be adjusted by operate plate. There is a pressure meter equipped
  7. outside of the machine, which makes the operation and adjustment more convenient can easier.
  8. The shoe head’s pressing stroke can be easily adjusted by the screw.
  9. The pincers base plate adopts the double-tracking structure. Tap the switch, the forward and backward pincers can be adjusted to right-and-left.
  10. The machine is equipped cross projector assembly, which is convenient for correcting the shoe head’s hand helps new comers to easily operate the machine.
  11. Owing to the auxiliary sweep blade, the lasting can be prolonged to the middle of the shoes, which will finish the shoes
  12. The adhesive applicator is optionally 2-step adjusted to match the shape of shoes and can also be quickly switched for different sizes of shoes, which makes the cementing point bigger and cementing result better.
Automatic Cement Toe Lasting Machine SLM-3-03
Dimensions 1715*950*1900 mm
Packing Dimensions 1760*1000*2150 mm
Production 2000 pairs/8h
Net Weight 1000 kg
Gross Weight 1150 kg
Pressure 35-45 kgs/m²
Power 2 HP
Electric Heat 1600 w

NOTE: The product specification&model is subject to actual contract or quotation if any update.

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