Zozack Needlework DIY Cross stitch For Full Embroidery kit Vertical gold peacock painting on canvas cross-stitch sets Wall Decor

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is_customized: No

Use: Paintings


Style: europe

Pattern Type: Animal

Origin: Mainland China

Material: 100% Cotton

Frame: No

External Packaging: PP bag

Canvas Packing Method: Folded

Brand Name: zozack

Needlework DIY Cross stitch For Full Embroidery kit White Little Daisy flowers Printed Pattern cross-stitch sets Wedding Wall Decor

  • Package name:Golden peacock

  • anvas size :S#11CT:114*63cm, L#9CT:140*76cm

  • Picture size :s# 11CT:104*53cm,L#9CT:130*66cm

  • Embroidered cloth Color: White    (Print pattern cross stitch)    

  • Spiraea species: 40

  • Are full embroidery: Full Embroidery  

  • Kit Contents: Embroidered cloth, embroidery thread, atlas, embroidery tools.

  • Reminder: 11CT: Please use three-wire embroidery,9CT: Please use four-wire embroidery

  • Applicable rooms: living room, bedroom, entrance, corridor.

thread with 30% more quantity of thread,absolute enough, there may be missing thread ,Please contact us. Because of the time difference and your country, can not reply you in time, please leave a message to us, we will promptly reply to you
Our products are cross stitch kits, not finished products. Need to do it yourself

Precise details embroidered cloth
Embroidered cloth printing in need to the design of needlework, color clear easy to recognize,
high degree of differentiation.
Ecological cotton details
Choose environmental protection ecological polyester-cotton line, clean,
environmental protection and durable; Full color at the DMC production line, colorful;
Line on the surface of the short fiber, make more full of embroidered works!
Cross stitch embroidery silk thread details
High quality green silk thread, color difference is small, bright color, stereo sense is strong,
good wear resistance, washing temperature of 80 degrees, 
the line is more strong, do not fade, easier to embroidery finished product protection.

coloured drawings
color delicate drawings, all professional printing technology,
clear easy to recognize, make more simple needlework.
11CT: Please use three-wire embroidery,9CT: Please use four-wire embroidery
Cross stitch embroidery instructions:
1: each one has to cross embroidering diagram paper tag line mark, symbol or colors
different line mark represent different colored embroider line.
2: online marking above all marked with the needle (cross X X), a needle (1/2 X),
a quarter (1/4 X) needle and the hook side ` ST (B), to yan   are not complete,
according to the requirement to embroider a picture of a beautiful work.
The pattern has been printed on the cloth so before finishing stitching, the cloth cannot touch water, otherwise the printed part will disappear.
After finishing stitching, put the cloth in water for half an hour, then make it dry, and then you can make a frame for it.

Advantage :
  1. We have our own factory,We qualified for your Bulk orders.

  2. 100% Brand new.

  3. 100% ecological cotton.

  4. We'll provide 30% more of the threads for each project.

  5. Good gloss,non-fading,not easy to break and pilling.

  6. Use soluble environmental protection material.

  7. Ultra clear professional embroidering diagram.

  8. It also can be a wonderful gift to your family & friends.

1. What is Printed cross stitch
Printed cross-stitch, cross-stitch printed on the cloth, using the latest laser technology, the cross-stitch pattern is completely printed on the embroidered cloth with special ink, and the pattern is clear and easy to distinguish, and 100% accurate, unbiased Grid.
2. What is "ct"? 
The cross stitch cloth is in units of "CT". Refers to the number of squares contained in each square inch. Specifically divided into: 9CT, 11CT.
The smaller the number, the larger the corresponding grid, and the larger the number, the smaller the grid. 9CT means that there are nine grids in one inch (2.54 cm), embroidered with four strands of embroidery thread; 11CT is 11 grids in one inch, embroidered with three strands of embroidery thread.
3. How many threads should I use to sewing?
The thread on paper pad should be divided to 6 stands,
11CT, use 3 strands of embroidery thread to embroider full needle, 2 strands of embroidery thread hook;
9CT, full stitch with 4 strands of embroidery thread, 3 strands of embroidery thread Hook
4. What is half stitch?
Half stitch is half cross, full stitch is full stitch.
5. What is mixed stitch?
Mixed stitch needs 2 color threads together, help the color change more naturally. For 11ct canvas, sewing with 1 stand of a color and 2 stands of the other color. You can decide which is 1 and which is 2. It doesn't matter.
6. What’s “silk” thread?
Cotton thread is normal version, easy for stitch. Silk thread is a new product, it is made from cotton, not real silk. It is more smooth, brilliant and beautiful, but difficult to stitch.
Some Other Service:
1. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. And we will reply in 24 hours except weekends.
2. If any problems comes to you, please don't worry. You can contact us first. We promise we will try everything possible to help you.
3. Please pay attention to the time difference between us. We work in China.
About Shipping:
1.We ship by AliExpress Standard Shipping, China Post Registered Air Mail,ePacket
2.If the weight is overweight, we will divide it into several packages. 
About the color difference:
  Our commitment to all pictures, are pictures of physical pictures. So you see the picture, and you receive the cross stitch is basically the same, but because of the photometric photometric, and natural degree is different, or the computer graphics and display frequency is different, may receive the goods and pictures Color difference, please Physical pictures shall prevail, thank you understand
Canvas size:
Our shop all the size of the goods are the use of cross-stitch predecessors practice research. The use of Grid to calculate the specific commodity size of the formula, but because of the hand-cut and the machine edge of the factors, embroidered cloth sometimes have 5cm-10cm error, when you receive cross stitch, please prevail in physical pictures . Thank you for understanding!

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