Smart Switch Homekit Wifi Light Switch Curtain Switch, LCD Screen Touch Panel, with RGB LED Ambient Light, for Alexa Google Home

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Wifi Standard: 2.4GHz, 802.11 b/g/n

Warranty: 1 Year

Voltage: 100V-250V

State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go

Specifications: EU plug

Smart Home Compatiable: Alexa, Google Home, Homekit

Rated Load: 200W

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: LANBON

Current: 10A

Compatibility: All Compatible

Certification: FCC

Certification: CE

Camera Equipped: No

Brand Name: weten

LCD Homekit Switch, Work with Alexa Google Home


LCD Touch Screen

The Smart Light Switch has LCD touch screen functionality to show more information and allow customization. The screen shows information such as Time, Power consumption, and even an epidemic report. You can customize the switch icon, name, and overall theme to your preference.

4 in 1 Switch

The Smart Light Switch can be used as either one of 4 different switches:

  • 1 gang

  • 2 gang

  • 3 gang

  • Curtain switch

NO Hub Required

This switch can be connected with wifi router directly, not need Hub / Gateway / Bridge.

App Control

Support two App:  Apple Homekit and "LANBON Smart Living", control the switch anywhere anytime.

Voice Control

Control the Smart Light Switch through your voice with Google Home, Alexa Echo and Siri.

Power Consumption

You can check real time power consumption and summarized power consumption.

Delay & Timer function

Set a delay to turn lights on/off after a specified time. Schedule lights to turn on/off during your preferred time of day.

Vertical or Horizontal installation

You can choose the screen to display in vertical or horizontal according to personal preference.

Standby Mode & Night Mode

To save energy, the switch turns to standby mode automatically with the screen light dimmed to the setting level. In the Night Mode, the LED back-light around the frame will be turned off.


1. Neutral wire is required for this switch, pls make sure your house has neutral wire.

2. This switch only work with IOS (Apple iphone or ipad), not work with Android phone.

>>> If you need "Tuya/Smart Life App" OR "Home Assistant" Version, pls click here: Tuya LCD SWITCH<<<

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