Beautilux Luminous Gel Nail Polish Kit Glow In Dark Senmi Permanent Gels Varnish 6pcs/set UV LED Fluorescent Nails Art Lacquer

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Color: YE01-06
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Warranty: 24 months

Volume: 10 ml

Volume: 10ml

Type: Gel Polish

Quantity: 1pc

Quantity: 1pc

Product Type: Beautilux Luminous Gel Nail Polish

Origin: Mainland China

Number of Pieces: COMBO

Net Weight: 40g ( including bottle)

NET WT: 10ml

Model Number: Gel Polish YE01-12

Ingredient: Resin

Composition: UV curable resin

Colors: 12 colors for choosing

Certificate: MSDS, SGS,CPNP, CPSR

Brand Name: Beautilux

**** These series of colors are semi-sheer colors to ensure better glow in dark effect.
Product Description:
Product Name: Beautilux Luminous Gel Polish Kit 6*10ml
Product Type: 3 step nail gel polish
Content: 10ml Certificate: SGS/MSDS/CPNP/CPSR/INTERTEK
1. Good consistency, good levelling ability,smooth brushing.
2. High percentage of luminous pigments, excellent glow in dark effect
3. Non-chipping, long lasting for above 4 weeks, easy remove.
4. Cosmetic grad luminous pigments, non-toxic
How to apply:
1. Prep nails, apply Beautilux Primer, no need cure
2. Apply Beautilux rubber base, cure for 30s
3. Apply Beautilux gel polish color for a thin layer, cure for 60s
4. Apply another layer of gel polish color, and cure for 60s
5. Apply Beautilux No Wipe Top coat, cure for 60s.
How to remove: Buff off the top coat, use cotton with acetone, wrap with foil for 10 minutes. Or use removal gel for 2 minutes.


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