500000 LM XHP100 Powerful Led Headlamp 18650 XHP90.2 Led Headlight Rechargeable USB Head Flashlight XHP70 Zoom Head Torch Light

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Zoom mode: Telescopic zoom

Wattage: 60W

Waterproof Level: IPX-6

Waterproof: Yes

Warranty: One year free warranty

Switch Mode: High/Middle/Low

Seller Service F: 90 days free return

Range: 650-1200 meters

Purpose: Camping/Fishing/hunting/Working

Product Type E: headligh

Product Type D: Headlamp

Product Type C: head flashlight

Product Type B: led headlamp

Product Type A: led headlight

Power: 3*18650 battery

Origin: Mainland China

Model of LED Beads: XHP100+COB

Model Number: HT443

Mobile Power: YES

Light Source: LED Bulbs

Lens material: Convex lens

Item Type: Headlamps

Certification: CCC,ce,SAA,pse,GS

Brand Name: HEDELI

Body Material: Aviation grade aluminum alloy

Beam Angle: 45°

Battery indicator: YES

Battery Type: LITHIUM ION

《Seller's commitment》

1. This product will be carefully tested before sending to ensure that there are no problems

2. We will send the parcel within 24 hours of your successful payment

3.We will ensure that the package will arrive at the destination within the agreed time



After receiving the package, you need to remove the battery insulation paper so that the battery can supply power normally! (this is very important!)


《Product parameters》

• Brand:HEDELI

• LED Emitter: XHP100 LED+COB

• Mode: 4 -Modes ( 100% -  50% - 25% - COB )

• Color: Black

• Lens: Convex Lens

• Case Material: Aviation grade aluminum alloy

• Weight:0.265±0.01kg

• Size:6.5*6.5*4.2 CM

• Zoom mode:Telescopic zoom

• Waterproof level:IPX-6

• Range:650-1200m

※Suitable for working,hunting,climbing,fishing, camping and outdoor activity etc


Battery compartment : 2 modes ( Red light - Red light strobe )

• Lifespan: 100,000 Hours

• Emitted Color: White Light

• Battery:3* 18650  rechargeable battery(Using only one 18650 battery or two 18650 batteries still works)

Battery Charger:

• Input: AC110-220V 47-63HZ( computer USB, car USB, USB charging plug, charging flashlight)

• Output: 5V; 1.5A(Can charge mobile phones)


• Name:HEDELI Super battery

• Quantity: 3pcs

• Material: Li-ion Battery

• Voltage: 3.7V

• Capacity : 3600mAh/pcs



《XHP50.2 Product parameters》  

• Model Name: HT314

• LED Emitter: XLamp XHP50.2 LED

• Mode: 3 -Modes ( Strong light,weak light, SOS )

• Color: Black

• Lens: Convex Lens

• Case Material: Aviation grade aluminum alloy

• weight:0.207±0.01kg

•Zoom mode:Telescopic zoom

•waterproof level:IPX-6


• Wick Lifespan: 100,000 Hours

• Emitted Color: White Light

• Battery:2* 18650  rechargeable battery


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