IWC-1424AN is the updated version of IWS-1424A open barrel wire crimper, features an “O” profile cavity for Deutsch Size 16 DT stamped & formed contacts and AMPSEAL 16 connectors.

Two Step Crimping: Crimps conductor and insulation portion of contacts in separate cavities. Tool must be closed twice to complete termination.

B Profile Crimps: Insulation crimps are “B” type and are produced in two cavities.: 18-14 AWG and 24-20 AWG. Conductor crimps are “B” type and are produced in three cavities: 16-14 AWG, 20-18 AWG and 24-22 AWG.

O Profile Crimp: Value added crimp station for Deutsch DT Series & AMPSEAL 16 Stamped & Formed contacts which requires “O” shape crimps on insulation tab.

IWC-1424AN universal “U” Barrel Crimp Tool is perfect for 24 to 14 gauge wire used with AMP, Deutsch, Delphi or any other stamped terminal. A must when servicing any motorcycle. Made from high quality carbon steel with black oxide finish for corrosion resistance and durability.

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