Automatic ultrasonic plastic shoe cover making machine is designed to produce disposable shoe cover . And It can be applied to the PE-CPE material, only need one person to operate from feeding to finished products. Automatic counting, collection of fully automated control. Products applicable to the family, hospital, research institute or clean industry.

Main Technical Parameter:

Mechanical model  RFXT-PE
Machine size 1560mm*1500mm*1750mm (L*W*H)
Common size to be packed in wooden cases 1650mm*1550mm*1300mm (L*W*H)
production 120-150 / minutes (the most suitable speed) 180 / minutes some customers can also open up
voltage 220v/380v(according to the requirements of our customers)
Power consumption 3.5kw
Net weight 445kg
gross 625kg
Finished product size
400mm L*(140-160)mm W the rest of the model can be customized according to client’s requirement
Use the material Article non-woven fabric, rubber, plastic film
Thickness of the plastic materials 0.01-0.012 mm
Main drive servo motor power kw 1.1
Main drive servo motor rotating speed n 1400rpm
Gear reduction ratio 1=9
Ultrasonic power KW 2KW
Shoe cover elastic size 30-40#
Use-environment Purifying
Ambient temperature -10 degrees Celsius ~+26 degrees Celsius
power source AC220V 1PH 50Hz

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