RT18X-63-3P+N Anl Fuse Holder with LED indicator fuse size 14*51



Product model:RT18-63

Description:Fuse switch disconnector with LED indicator

Pole:1P, 2P, 3P, 3P+N

Mounting method:DIN rail installation

Wiring range:1.5-35mm^2

Fuse size:14*51

Rated operational current Ie:63A(500VAC)/50A(690VAC)

Rated operational voltage Ue:500VAC/690VAC

Rated insulation voltage:800V

Rated impulse withstand current Ipk:6kV

Breaking capacity with fuse:100kA(500VAC)/50kA(690VAC)

Utilization category with fuse:gG


Reference:IEC 60269-2 GB/T 13539.2

Key words:Amp Fuse Holder,Anl Fuse Holder


Anl Fuse Holder RT18-63 fuse size 14*51 3P+N


Item No.DN56168

Product model RT18-63
Description Fuse switch disconnector with LEDindicator
Pole 3P+N
Mounting method DIN rail installation
Wiring method 1.5-35mm2
Fuse size 14*51
Rated operational current le 63A(500VAC)/50A(690VAC)
Rated operational voltage Ue 500VAC/690VAC
Rated insulation voltage 800V
Rated impulse withstangd current lpk 6KV
Breaking capacity with fuse 100KA(500VAC)/50KA(690VAC)
Utilization category with fuse gG
LED Indicator voltage 110-690VAC/DC
Reference standard IEC 60269-2  GB/T 13539.2

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