Comprehensive Wholesale Guide to Artificial Green Wall

Modern technology and design create incredibly realistic faux plants. When well-chosen and expertly installed, artificial green walls offer tranquility indoors or outdoors without the hassles of maintenance. They only need occasional dusting post-installation.

fake plant wall

Benefits of artificial green walls


Artificial green walls substantially cut both upfront and ongoing expenses. The initial setup expense is a fraction of a living plant wall's cost, and there are zero long-term maintenance or replacement costs.


Artificial plant panel is bug and pest-free, eliminating the need for pesticides and concerns about infestations around your walls or furniture.

Minimal maintenance

Maintaining a living wall demands significant care, involving regular watering, pruning, fertilizing, and plant replacement. Many businesses opt for costly outside services to manage their live plants. However, with a faux plant wall, you can eliminate these hassles! Simply dust it occasionally, saving you the time and year-round effort required for real plant care.

Add color and life

Plants infuse spaces with color and vitality, and fake plants, particularly those from EdenVert, offer a remarkably lifelike appearance that contributes to stress reduction. The presence of an artificial green wall can enhance the perception of vitality in your office, restaurant, or commercial setting.

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Noise reduction

Artificial greenery walls are especially effective in high-traffic areas, acting as sound barriers against noises from neighbors, roads, and urban surroundings. Additionally, they contribute to noise reduction within your space, minimizing disturbances for neighboring businesses.

FAQs about Artificial Green Walls

How long will an artificial plant wall last?

The lifespan of artificial plants hinges on their materials, particularly whether they've been UV-treated. Fake plants crafted from UV-treated materials are notably more durable.

EdenVert's artificial plant panel has undergone rigorous testing, including a UV 5000H assessment by an independent third-party laboratory. This assures our customers with the confidence of a product warranty spanning five to eight years.

Are artificial green walls fireproof?

EdenVert's fake plants are distinguished by excellent fire retardant properties, rigorously tested and certified by the authoritative agency SGS.

These specially crafted artificial plants maintain their inherent fire retardancy throughout their lifespan, exhibiting resistance to ignition and combustion even when subjected to prolonged exposure to high temperatures or open flames.

Can you move the artificial green wall?

Absolutely! Moving an artificial green wall is a breeze. Simply remove the nails or ties while keeping it intact, or unhook the buckle for restyling. This versatility allows for easy relocation and reuse, ultimately saving you money.

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